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This section was last updated on 5th September 2017.

Company information

Country of Incorporation:

England and Wales

Main Country of Operation:

United Kingdom

Description of the Business

Xeros is an innovative developer of a patented polymer bead cleaning system with multiple identified commercial applications, with operations in both the UK and US. The Group’s main country of operation is the UK. 

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Securities Information

As of 5 September 2017, Xeros has 88,033,502 AIM securities in issue.
Percentage of AIM Securities not in public hands :  66.9%.
Xeros’ AIM securities are not traded or listed on any other stock exchange market.
There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company's shares.

Significant Shareholders

Name Percentage of the issued share capital
Woodford Investment Management LLP 25.9%
Invesco Asset Management Ltd 25.5%
IP Group plc* 18.2%
Entrepreneurs Fund L.P 8.3%
Baillie Gifford & Co 5.2%
Rising Stars Growth Fund II 3.2%
* Held through IP2IPO Limited, IP Assist Services Limited (formerly Techtran Group Limited), IP Venture Fund and Parkwalk Advisors Funds

Company Secretary

Paul Denney

Registered Office

Unit 2, Evolution
Advanced Manufacturing Park
Whittle Way
South Yorkshire
S60 5BL

Company Number

Xeros Technology Group plc
Company Number is:

Group VAT Number

185 9925 45

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