We’re taking giant steps to change industries for the better. Our game-changing polymer technology transforms many water intense processes by radically reducing their dependence on water, chemicals and energy, while improving performance.

Xeros technologies.
Without limits for a world with them.


Moving water processes to where it is needed – people.


Delivering unprecedented resource reduction.


Setting new standards by reducing water, chemistry and energy.


Revolutionising production processes with our game-changing technology.


With our technology, industries dramatically improve resource efficiency, cut down on waste and save costs, while boosting product performance and quality. Reduced impacts with increased performance – we make it possible.

upto 80% less water

In the laundry cleaning industry, our technology cuts water use by up to 80% compared with conventional washing machines, while also saving chemicals and energy.

upto 50% less effluent

Our technology significantly reduces the environmental impact of leather tanning industries, reducing effluent by up to 50%.

Superior Advantage

Better laundry fabric care, enhanced leather dye penetration ... our technology raises the bar for performance, compared with traditional processes.

Competitive Advantage

By cutting operational costs while reducing impacts and improving performance, our technology gives businesses a clear edge over competitors.

The Technology

Developed through continuous innovation, our technology harnesses the properties of polymers and adapts them for specific purposes: for example, to absorb dirt or apply dyes. It’s a remarkably versatile technology that’s applicable across a number of industries.



Polymer replaces water and chemicals in the laundry wash, gently rubbing stains away and soaking up dirt and stray dyes. The result is superior cleaning performance, with less shrinkage, creasing and colour transfer. For more information, visit



Polymer drives dyes into the leather faster and more effectively than conventional methods, reducing the amount of dye required. As well as saving costs, this produces more intense colours and other innovative effects. For more information, visit


In textile production, polymer enhances colouration effects while using less dye, chemistry and water. This produces quality garments and fabrics with fewer environmental impacts.

About Us

About Us

We're a global team of scientists, engineers and technologists united to develop polymer based technologies that transform industries by radically reducing water, chemistry and energy usage.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to commercialise our technologies with partners in strong market positions who share our commitment to sustainability. Where necessary, we enter markets to prove out our propositions, reducing risk for prospective partners.